The Trials of Robert Kubica

Whatever happens to Williams this year one of their drivers, wherever they finish will be a victorious. Polish racing driver Robert Kubica is an inspiration beyond anything else in the sport of Formula one. Just the plain fact that he is in a car and racing at the very highest level of motorsport is worth any world championship and booking into the Abu Dhabi F1 Paddock Club means you can watch him and the other incredible Formula One drivers, in luxury. His is a story comparable to Niki Laudas’ recovery. Why is he so lauded? Well, Robert Kubica can barely use his right arm at all.

Kubica is the only Polish driver to ever grace Formula one. He began in 2006 driving for BMW Sauber and was soon touted as a potential future driver alongside his follow protagonists, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. The prospect of these 3 young drivers battling it out for a title was considered to be great for the future of Formula one.  This promise was shown in 2008 when he led the Drivers’ championship for a while in a Car that was clearly not the best on the grid. His move to Renault in 2010 was seen as the next step, getting a driver for a works.

production constructor. Two years later and with steady performances the prospect of a big move to Ferrari in 2012 seemed to assure all of the promise he had shown and that his hard work was going to be paid off.






In the Formula One off season Kubica had agreed to race in the Ronde di Andora Rally for Skoda. It was here that tragedy stuck. His car flew from the road smashed into the crash barrier. He was unable to be released from the car for an hour and worse his arm was partially severed at the forearm. He had lost a serious amount of blood, suffered several compound fractures. He would require several hours of operations with surgeons working in shifts to fix his broken body. Being an athlete in prime physical condition helped him survive what others may have not. However, the real test was yet to come.

Kubica’s right armed is scared and atrophied. He has very little feeling in his right hand and he admitted that a return to Formula one would be impossible. However with grit and will power, plus learning how to adapt his driving style and ways he was given a testing slot for Renault in 2017.  He was only 1.5 seconds behind in time to the race Winner Sebastian Vettel in the superior Ferrari.

With the departure of Lance Stroll, Williams have taken the decision to move Kubica up to race driver from just testing. The racing world is holding its breath and praying that this incredible man will make a great return to the circuits and to Formula one despite everything that has beset him.